Friday, September 9, 2016

The @ShinStation Archive Index

The @ShinStation Archive Index
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The Archives
- #AnimeMovieNight - Various Anime Movies w/ Commentary by @ShojiRamuro@SoulBroRyu.
- Anime Rap Sessions - Commentary on Various Animated Series & Specials.
- #JoJoWithSoulBro - Commentary on the Anime Adaptations of the epic Manga series "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure" w/ @SoulBroRyu.
- #MajorsMafiosoManifesto - Commentary on Films in Genre of Crime by @MisterLeeMajors @ShojiRamuro & @SoulBroRyu.
- #NotAnimeMovieNightVarious Movies w/ Commentary by @ShojiRamuro & @SoulBroRyu.
- #ShinSaturday - Re-Creations of Saturday Morning Lineups of Yesteryear.
- @ShinStation Bumps, Intros & Outros - Archive of Clips & Promos often seen in our streams.

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